FabSLAM 3D Printing Team Wins a Tour of The Foundery

The FounderyAs part of their winnings from a fantastic second place finish in the FabSLAM Baltimore 2017 competition, seven of our Middle School makers had the opportunity to take a tour of The Foundery, an industrial grade fabrication studio in downtown Baltimore.

Jason Hardebeck, founder of The Foundery, shows students machinery for cutting metal, accessible to anyone.

Girls witnessed several different projects that were underway, including a spin bike with frictionless back wheels, a hybrid steel and wood sign for a school’s main entrance, metal swords in the blacksmithing shop, and an innovative product under development by a local entrepreneur (who also happened to be the mother of two former Bryn Mawr students)!

IMG_3588Many thanks to Jason Hardebeck, founder and co-owner of The Foundery for such a thorough and engaging tour.  The girls were buzzing with ideas and energy on the trip back to school and are looking forward to their next projects!


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