When Music Meets Tech: Creative Projects in the Music Classroom

Middle School music teacher Todd Twining inspired a host of unique projects in his seventh grade Music class by inviting students to enhance their musical instrument essays with a creative element.  In addition to the essay, Mr. Twining suggested that students could:

  • Create a working model of their instrument
  • Write and craft a pop-up book for children
  • Draft a creative writing piece (i.e. a mystery where your instrument or someone who plays it is central)
  • make an iMovie
  • involve the culinary arts

The results of the project were impressive, and students generated many original ideas based on Twining’s prompts.  Several of the projects were created through innovative uses of technology, in the blossoming Maker tradition.

Pipe organ with removable pipes and keyboards, designed in TinkerCAD.

Ava M., a seventh grader with an interest in 3D printing, designed 3D models of the parts of a pipe organ in TinkerCAD, and printed her design in the Middle School Maker Space.  Her designs required several rounds of revisions to make the parts fit together properly, illuminating aspects of the design process for her in a very authentic way.

In another shining example of student creativity, Ava K. set out to create a tour of the inner workings of a sitar, using Minecraft as her medium.  She designed a tour inside a sitar by way of a mine cart, providing text and audio to point out the features and history of the sitar along the way as she narrated a video of the project.

Congratulations to the seventh grade on completing the project with creativity and style!

Step inside the cart and ride straight inside the hollow sitar!
The tour continues with a visit to each of the sitar’s strings.

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