The Design Process with Fourth Graders

In the Creation Station, 4th graders have been working through the Design Process to solve a problem.  The problem we identified was that younger students are losing small items around the Lower School.  The challenge was to create a small case that could help students carry money or other small items to school.  Before we began, students learned about the Design Process.

1.  Exploration: research various ideas

2.  Ideation:  imagine different ideas

3.  Cultivation: decide on one idea

4.  Action: create a prototype

5.  Reflection: assess your work and revise as needed

6.  Production:  create a final product

7.  Presentation: share your work with the class

Students completed the exploration, ideation, and cultivation phases by reviewing materials in a LiveBinder and creating a detailed plan.


Next, the students entered the most exciting phase – the action phase!

Once the project was complete, students reflected on the product and the process by creating a reflection in Book Creator.  Our final step will be to present our work to the class.


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