Schmaker Activity 2

I hope you’re all enjoying the start of the Schmaker program and have begun to see the world differently through design! If you haven’t yet started, click here for the first Schmaker activity about the “Maker Mind,” and if you need a little inspiration, click here to view some examples from your colleagues.

We’ve also had two successful Schmaker meetups, where participants learned about vecotr images and how to use them on a vinyl cutter and laser cutter. The Schmaker program is in full swing!

For this next activity, I challenge you to stretch your brain! We are going to play three (asynchronous, slightly modified) rounds of a creative brainstorming game. When you were younger, you might have spent a summer day lying on your back in the grass, gazing up at the clouds and shouting out images you saw in them. This activity is a lot like that! In the brainstorming phase of the Design Thinking process, it’s important to consider as many ideas as possible. If you close your mind to possibilities–because you think you’ve already got the best idea or because you think an idea is far-fetched–you are shutting yourself off from the best solutions. Often, multiple ideas generated in a brainstorming session will combine to form new and innovative solutions.

In this exercise, you will be given an image and 10 minutes to come up with as many things as you see in that image–pretend you’re looking at the clouds! The goal is to get creative–there are no wrong answers. Think broadly and allow yourself to break free from your everyday habits and associations. If you get stuck, try thinking about the image from a different angle. Time yourself: 10 minutes per image. Then, send me the lists of everything you saw in each image, and I’ll publish one full list of every idea generated from each image (so don’t judge your ideas–they will be anonymously posted!). Let’s go!

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:




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